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The Danger In Using Retail Store Apps

Hello, The explosion of smartphones on the market has obviously created thousands of more apps. I wrote about passwords several days ago. Then, today I found this article about Starbucks app and passwords. Check out the article: Now, if you just think this is a Starbucks problem, you are mistaken. It leads me to […]

Are You Ready For The Future?

Hello, Several weeks ago I posted a topic about the future of electronic devices. You may have seen or even read topics about Google Glass. Or, you may not be aware of any of these things at all. Which is understandable , too. A lot of people go about their lives and don’t pay attention […]

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

Hello,   How many passwords must one remember? Too many… Just in case you are not aware, there are many free password generators and password storage programs/apps available. However, it never ceases to amaze me that people don’t take this more seriously. Now, I don’t think it’s fair to paint everyone with a broad brush. […]

Beware of Tech Support Scams

Hello, Have you ever had some kind of remote tech support done on your computer? I know I have. Check this out:¬† It’ll take about 5 minutes total to read the article and view the video. It made me pause and think how vulnerable one can be. Since computers are in some way, intimidating to […]

Small Businesses & Cybersecurity For The Future

For Small Businesses, it is critical to understand the future impact of avoiding sound cybersecurity practices. It will be a necessary cost of doing business in the digital age. Check out this article: