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The Darkside Of Wearable Technology

I came across an interesting article concerning the security risks of wearable technology. This article calls it the darkside of wearable technology http://www.techrepublic.com/article/the-dark-side-of-wearables-how-theyre-secretly-jeopardizing-your-security-and-privacy/?tag=nl.e036&s_cid=e036&ttag=e036&ftag=TREa988f1c. What do you think?

Wearable Technology Is Not Practical

Hello, I know I am hung up on wearable technology. I am definitely not a fan. It’s just not practical and it’s very expensive. Why do we need it? I have not come across any reasonable explanations as to why it is important to me or anyone else for that matter. Please check out this […]

Patience With Wearable Technology: The New Apple Watch

Today, Apple generated excitement with it’s watch and the new iPhone 6. As with any product, unless you are one of those that has to be the first to have something new no matter what, be patient. Apple needs to have a good product rollout. In recent years, it’s been suspect with unexpected glitches and […]

Wearable Technology: Fantasy or Reality?

I am fascinated by applications of technology on non-computer items. As you have read some of my previous posts, the impact of computing on things we use or even wear everyday is interesting to learn about. It seems like there has been a big push especially by Google, on this. However, please read this article […]

Drones, Drones, more Drones

Modern technology is great. However, the advent of drones for non-military use leads me to wonder how far the abuses for privacy will go. It seems like there is no limit. Click here to read this interesting article. It made me think what the impact will be on everyday life http://www.technewsworld.com/story/Fed-Ruling-May-Bring-Flocks-of-Buzzing-Drones-to-US-Skies-80100.html

Who I Write For

Hello, As I have stated in earlier posts, this blog is for the average everyday computer user. I focus the content and my writing style to those who don’t have the time for tech speak. I find that people want to learn, but just don’t have the time. So, that’s where I step in. There’s […]