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Patience With Wearable Technology: The New Apple Watch

Today, Apple generated excitement with it’s watch and the new iPhone 6. As with any product, unless you are one of those that has to be the first to have something new no matter what, be patient. Apple needs to have a good product rollout. In recent years, it’s been suspect with unexpected glitches and problems.

One thing about wearable technology, is that it is small and durability is a big issue. A lot of people complain how small the text is on their phone or tablet. The text has to be very small on a watch. While the watch may be cool, is it practical and what will it replace? Your phone or your computer. I do not think so.

Again, be patient. Read the reviews. Is it really something you need to tell the time. What about the cost? Most wearable technology is very expensive. The result may be a great product that does not sell well. I don’t think Apple will push a product down the road that does not generate sales. So, this will be interesting. Google Glass is facing this problem. Other manufacturers of wearable technology are going through the same thing.