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Laptop. Tablet, or Chromebook: What Do I Choose?


Do you feel like your confused about what to purchase? There is a lot of misinformation in advertising. The manufacturers of tablets are counting on this and that includes Microsoft. There is no tablet that has the computing power of the Intel “i” CPUs found in laptops, has the graphics power, or has the memory. Yet, you see commercials and ads by tablet manufacturers claiming that their tablets can replace a laptop. Just because a tablet can use Microsoft Office (Windows tablets, only) or some type of Office suite, does not mean that it has the computing power of a laptop. The bottom line is that a laptop is a lot faster than a tablet or the Chromebook. I use my laptop a lot more than my tablet because I want the computing power and the fastest speed possible. I like to use my mouse and it is easy to adapt to a printer. I do not have anything against tablets. They are a lot lighter and easier to transport. If it is power and speed you need then the laptop is the clear choice. If these are not important to you. then a tablet or Chromebook may be your choice. But…please do not be under the assumption that a tablet is a comparable replacement to a laptop. I hope this is helpful in your decision making.

What is your opinion?