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Small Businesses & Cybersecurity For The Future

For Small Businesses, it is critical to understand the future impact of avoiding sound cybersecurity practices. It will be a necessary cost of doing business in the digital age. Check out this article:

Christmas Eve Accessability

I have a busy day tomorrow. However, I will do my best to return any messages as quick as I am able especially concerning last minute buying advice.

Wow! Too Much Conflicting Information On What To Buy

With less than a week before Christmas, you will see “fantastic” offers for a lot of tech products. This can be overwhelming to experienced as well as inexperienced tech users. My favorite website for referring people for detailed help is the Buying Guides page on Kim Komando’s website She has evaluating and writing about computers and other tech items for a long time. What I like most, is that she gives information in a practical manner. So, depending on your Internet browser, make this one of your bookmarks or favorites.

Recent Scam – BEWARE!

Beware of a recent scam that I helped resolve. The person received a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft and convinced her to let them take over her computer. They installed a hidden program that gave them constant access to their computer. Microsoft or for that matter, any large well known company will not do this. So, don’t fall for the trap.

What is Bot? You will be surprised.

Do you know what a bot is? Basically, it’s a computer reading a web page versus a human reading one. Here’s an interesting article on bots. Bots are running the Internet and you probably never knew it. The numbers are staggering when you think how many people visit versus computers. There’s something in this article from novice to expert

Security During Holiday Shopping


I read an interesting article about security during the Holiday shopping period and want to share it with you as the writer uses a play on words “it’s the most dangerous time of the year”. So, just a little bit of advice and awareness to help you:

Bad Keylogging Virus-PROTECT YOURSELF

I’ve been scanning the tech news wires and from you need to know about a very bad virus called the Pony Botnet Controller that steals your passwords from your logins to famous sites like here on Facebook, Google, email programs and more. Without getting into tech speak, make sure your Internet Security app is updated along with your Operating System and Internet browser. You may want to change your passwords, too. This is wise to do periodically. For more info, click here