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Buying Decisions

Need advice on buying a computer or tablet pc? There’s so many choices and confusing advertising about the features of the product. The first question should always be: “What do I want to do with a computer?” However, this can be difficult to answer if you are not sure. Reply to this post and begin the process of learning what and how to buy a computer.

Do I need all these wireless devices?

How many wireless devices does one need? Well, that depends on whatever one thinks they need. I use a lot of them every day, but then that’s what I like to do.

Well, Help Me! Tech Man, I’m confused and need some help in understanding this stuff.

Let me begin by listing some of the more popular ones that most ordinary users will use with a brief description:

  • Laptop: A laptop is portable computer versus a desktop computer which you wouldn’t be carrying around
  • Tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, etc.): Is by no means a substitute for those who need computing power and use of popular applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe design applications, photography and video applications…  that you will find with a laptop and a desktop computer. Basically, it’s a large version of a smartphone. The advantages are that it is lightweight and much larger than phone.
  • Smartphone (Droid, iPhone, etc.): Make no mistake, this is a small computer that can do so much more then your mobile phone of the past. Some of the highlights: view streaming Internet video, music, take pictures and make videos, use the Internet…
  • Blu-Ray player with streaming Internet video
  • Game Systems like xBox, Playstation, Wii, etc.

So, Help Me! Tech Man, how can I access the Internet from home with all these devices? By now, most people have heard the term wireless networking. A simple way to understand this is your Internet connection comes to your house and goes through a modem which is connected to a wireless router. Then, your wireless devices are configured to access the router and its connection to the Internet.

While there is a lot more that goes into it, this simple explanation should help make some sense of the many kinds of wireless devices available. Don’t hesitate to reply or leave your own post. This is the place to get some some answers, directions to get answers, solutions, and more by those who have had similar experiences and help by those who deal with problems like this every day.

What to buy? My oh my! Why this blog is for you


Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stupid because you don’t know what to do? I think it’s safe to say that I am not alone. Now, as it relates to so many type of computing devices and their accessories, the choices are immense, the marketing hype confusing and misleading, and every so-called or self-proclaimed “expert” giving you their advice. For the ordinary person, this has to very confusing and at times scary because their daughter or son claims they need a smartphone, need an iPad, need a laptop, need to buy this app…, need…, need…, need… You have children  of all ages and or grandchildren who turn the tables and tell you that you need…

If you are one of these people, this is the place to come to and post a question. If you think you can provide help or even have an opinion, this is the place to come. You may never know who you have helped, but there’s a good chance you could.

This is the place for you to vent about your experiences, seek help, share ideas and solutions, provide help to those in need… A place where if you need a solution, you can find out how to get it.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have to make this an interesting and necessary resource.