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XP Support Is Ending in April: It’s Time To Move Forward

Hello, Just in case you hadn’t heard. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP. The date appears to be April 8th. This means Microsoft will not provide anymore updates. It will become a non-supported operating system. All operating systems eventually come to an end life. If  you have not switched to a newer system, then, the […]

Who I Write For

Hello, As I have stated in earlier posts, this blog is for the average everyday computer user. I focus the content and my writing style to those who don’t have the time for tech speak. I find that people want to learn, but just don’t have the time. So, that’s where I step in. There’s […]

What’s Wrong With Apple? How to survive and get out of single digits.

Hello, I have written before on the impact or lack of impact of Macs in the marketplace. Before I continue, I am a Windows user and a Mac user. I service Windows PCs and Macs. So, I think I have some objectivity in this area. The simple truth about the Windows versus Mac debate is […]

Are You Ready For The Future?

Hello, Several weeks ago I posted a topic about the future of electronic devices. You may have seen or even read topics about Google Glass. Or, you may not be aware of any of these things at all. Which is understandable , too. A lot of people go about their lives and don’t pay attention […]

Beware of Tech Support Scams

Hello, Have you ever had some kind of remote tech support done on your computer? I know I have. Check this out: It’ll take about 5 minutes total to read the article and view the video. It made me pause and think how vulnerable one can be. Since computers are in some way, intimidating to […]

The Future of Current Electronic Devices

Hello and Happy New Year! In my quest to find either useful or interesting content on technology that the average person will appreciate, just not the tech geeks like me, I came across this article The article is fascinating. While it focuses on a wireless blender, it opens up to the imagination what the future […]